Data processing

Data processing and management

The data collected during SOCLIM is and will be available on the SOCLIM web site. The quality control, data storage, and data access will rely on standard international protocols and will be managed as describe in the data flow scheme in Figure 1.

All components of the data processing are already implemented:
The LOV group is developing a data management system for Bio-Argo that will be analogous to the Argo’s one. Within the international Argo program, Hervé Claustre is chairing the international Bio-Argo data management team, where data management and quality control procedures are being developed. The management of large amounts of data is rather new for the biogeochemical oceanographic community, and there is a major effort going on to engage this community to adopt the new procedures of data management and accessibility that will be the rule in a very near future. SOCLIM will benefit from the latest developments of the data quality control procedures.
SOCLIM’s data will be made available (real-time and delayed mode) through the OAO (Oceanographic Autonomous Observations) website, and mirrored at the Coriolis data center (Ifremer, Brest, France), which is one of the two data center managing the global Argo data (the other is in Monterey, USA).

Recent technological developments now allow us to observe and explore the Southern Ocean even during roughest sea and ice conditions.