SOCLIM is an ambitious project that combines cutting-edge research and innovative technology to explore the Antarctic ocean. Aiming to share the team’s objectives and some of its most exciting outcome, it adds as specific feature a science-based outreach component. This is in particular dedicated to a non-scientific audience and focuses on young people. The SOCLIM team thus proposes to elaborate special activities and resources that may then find a place in a formal but also an informal educational context. These efforts build on the team’s expertise that particularly results on the “mon océan & moi” experience. It combines an adapted online dissemination with face-to-face communication in order to enhance ocean literacy. Within this framework, the SOCLIM project is an unique opportunity to make the fascinating but still undisclosed world of the Southern Ocean accessible to a wider public.


outreach projet

It aims to share oceanographic research with everybody who is interested. One of the main objectives is to generate awareness and interest in Ocean topics. The program has been created at the Laboratoire d'Océanographie de Villefranche (France). It is organized in a participative way and its pluri-disciplinary team is composed of (future) researches, engineers, science communicators, web-designers as well as school and university teachers and their students. Thanks to the multiple supports at divers levels (e.g. European projects, educational authority of Nice, COI/UNESCO), the program proposes many activities. It particularly favors the online dissemination of science-based information towards a young audience. On a dedicated website, you may find answers to a series of questions, a number of resources (e.g. animations, pictures and maps) and educational material including quizzes and games. With a quick click get information on e.g. observational tools, seasons in the oceans, or hands-on activities.


outreach initiative

The concept is based on the idea that a class could adopt an underwater robot of the « profiling float »-type and follow it during its scientific voyage. The trajectory of the float brings the students into an oceanic zone (e.g. the Mediterranean or the North Atlantic) and, in real-time, allows them to participate in the observations collected by this float as well as to the sciences that are associated. The scientific voyage of a profiling float can last between 2 and 4 years. All during this time, it can be accompanied to better understand the marine environment and the scientific approach including the questions posed by the researchers. To adopt and to accompany a profiling float also means an engagement to share the acquired knowledge. « mon océan & moi » also expects the follow-up via the website. The online information is designed in an a priori self-explanatory way allowing a guided analysis by a teacher and/or scientific mediator. In order to facilitate the preparation of a course and to accompany a class, diverse educative resources are and will be available.


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Discover and explore the SOCLIM Vimeo channel. Find differents videos (ordered by topic) which cover all steps of the SOCLIM scientific project, like: SOCLIM Project #, SOCLIM Mission #, SOCLIM WebTV #, and SOCLIM 66° #.
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A thorough knowledge and understanding of the processes and rapid changes within the Southern Ocean is needed, in order to adequately address today’s climate issues.